How to make homemade sourdough

To make bread or pizza at home, many use brewer's yeast, but if we use mother yeast, the result is much better! Who does not like a fragrant and crumbly bread, with a dark crust and a soft, white inside… and above all light!

Many already know: the secret is the mother yeast, it contains the flavor, fragrance and lightness of the best bread. In the supermarket they generally sell yeast in cubes to keep in the refrigerator in addition to the dry one: but wouldn't it be much healthier to use mother yeast for our bread or for our pizza? In this regard we will illustrate how to make homemade sourdough following our recipe step by step. The result is guaranteed; you will be perfect bakers and you will get a bread or a pizza with an unmistakable flavor. to be a Levite mother at home, the ingredients

  • 250 ml of water
  • 120 grams of flour
  • A tip of a teaspoon of dry yeast
  • 80 grams of plain yogurt to make sourdough at home, the preparation

  1. In a fairly large bowl, pour the water, yogurt, yeast and gradually the flour, gradually mixing until all the ingredients are mixed well: make sure there are no lumps, in which case you will still have to mix. You can also use a modern and durable food processor, so the task will be easier
  2. When all the mixture is ready, let it rest in an open container and place it in the hottest room in the house, not near the radiator, please: the ideal temperature should be around 17/18 degrees. After a couple of days you will feel an acid smell in the air, this means that you have obtained the mother yeast
  3. At this point, put the mixture in another container and keep it in the fridge: the yeast obtained lasts for several weeks but you will only need a spoon for each kilo of flour or pizza.

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How to make sourdough at home, other tips

If you want more information on the world ofnatural yeastand on how to prepare sourdough at home, I recommend reading the book“Sourdough. Tips and tricks for everyone to get to know it and use it to the fullest ".It is suitable both for those who already know how to make natural yeast at home, and for those who are just starting out. It contains a lot of information on the flours to use and even one recipe to prepare some gluten-free yeast. The book costs € 11.18 and can be purchased onAmazon with free shipping for those who decide to buy two books of their choice. The manual on the sourdough provides 10 recipes on how to use the mother yeastand advice on the flours to use; for who wants make the sourdough at home or those who intend to prepare pizzas with particularly genuine and tasty flours, can find information in my guide articleHow to make flour at home.

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