Rare and unobtainable apartment plants

Dioscorea elephantipes

If you want cultivate rare plants start with the easy ones, and there are, that require little care. You will equally amaze your friends and, barring gross errors, you will almost always get good results.

Of rare or almost impossible to find plants, in the sense of not very widespread and difficult to find at the garden center, there are many.Here we focus on the sub-set of indoor plants (leafy plants, flowering plants and succulents) which may indeed have to stay indoors all year round (so it is not necessary for you to have a terrace) and which do not require a lot of space. In short, we are talking about home plants that are easy to grow, with the addition that they are also rare or difficult to find.

Rare indoor plants that are easy to grow

Beaucarnea (leaf plant) It is necessary to distinguish because different species are included under this name. The least rare of the Beaucarnea it is actually the Nolina recurvata, characterized by a thick and fleshy gray-brown stem swollen at the base where it stores water. They also pass through Beaucarnea Nolina stricta, with stiff leaves and rough margins, and the Nolina longifolia.

Carpobrotus edulis (succulent plant) There are Carpobrotus edulis and the Carpobrotus acinaciformis, both hanging or climbing plants used in the gardens of the coastal regions also to cover the ground, but which everywhere look great in the house. It is a plant that is always beautiful and splendid in flowering due to the pink, red or yellow corollas. You will make a great impression.

Dioscorea elephantipes (leaf plant) We also talked about it among the easy-to-grow indoor plants: heart-shaped leaves with marked ribs, a very rare and strange plant due to the woody stump resembling a tortoise shell.

Lophophora williamsii (succulent plant) In the genus there are three perennial and succulent species, rounded and with a fleshy root. Average height 8 cm, average diameter 15 cm, Lophophora do not have thorns but white tufts and narrow flowers that sprout at the top. Nice to look at, they don't take up much space.

Schefflera (leafy plant) Easy to grow, it cuts a good figure in any environment due to its regular olive green palmate leaves. If kept in sufficiently large pots it can reach up to 2 meters in height. In fact it needs a certain space, albeit gradually, because the growth (especially of the Schefflera actinophylla variety) is rather slow.

Plants that cannot be found with fruits to eat

Plants that are often difficult to find and whose fruits you can eat include peanut plants. Many garden centers lack it so much that imaginative conspiracy theories circulate according to which peanut producers discourage its diffusion to the general public.

In any case you can find 8 seeds complete with a gift box on this Amazon page.

peanut seeds for sale on Amazon

Where to find unobtainable plants

The simplest (and also cheaper!) Way to grow unobtainable plants involves starting from the seeds that you can order with a modest expense on Amazon as for the peanut seeds that I pointed out in the previous paragraph.

On this page you can, for example, buy 10 seeds of Beucarnea recurvata for only 3.75 Euros.

Always on Amazon, on this other page, you can also find one already grown plant of Beucarnea, like the one you see in the photo below, but you will have to spend 34.95 Euros including shipping costs.

Beaucarnea plant

It's still, in this page, you will find for sale 100 seeds of Carpobrotus edulis that will allow you to have in your apartment the beautiful fuchsia flowers you see in the following photo:

Carpobrotus edulis flowers

In this page, find instead 10 rare seeds of Dioscorea elephantipes but in this case the cost is quite high: 33 Euros. However, we must admit that the plant is really beautiful and particular (you can see it in the opening photo of this article)

Other indoor plants that may interest you on which you can read our specific articles are theGuzmania and theDieffenbachia.

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