How to get rid of nutria

In the article"How to remove the otters"we anticipated that an imminent legal provision would have given farmers "carte blanche" to manage this animal. Following the amendment of Law no. 157/92 the status ofnutriait has changed and has been compared to that of mice and rats.

With this change, you can managenutriejust as it is done with rats and mice, with all the consequences on the limitation of their number.

The text of Article 2, amended with the new law, reads as follows:The rules of this law do not apply to moles, rats, mice proper, tonutrie, to voles ".Being thenutriaa speciesallochthonous(the opposite ofautochthonous, i.e. not typical of our areas), the regulatory changes concern it further because they provide, for non-native species, an action aimed at controlling populations anderadication.

Recall that the nutriait was totally eradicated, in the nineties, even inGreat Britain,precisely following a directive action aimed at the control and complete elimination of this species.

Nutrie and Provinces

The amendment to the law also has other implications that closely affect farmers: the Provinces, responsible for the management of wild species, are now no longer required to compensate for damage to agricultural production caused bynutrie, nor to provide special material for crop protection or implement control plans as was the case until recently.
Until now, the control of the populations ofnutria it was implemented only with plans authorized by the Provinces, with the modification of Law no. 157/92, the Provinces no longer have any responsibility.

Even if in fact the damage caused by thenutriathey will no longer be compensated, the actions to contain their number will have to continue given that the spread of this animal is particularly significant and threatens not only agricultural activity, but also the banks of rivers and canals.

It is true that theprovincesthey are no longer responsible for checkingnutriebut the containment of the number of specimens is a competence that has passed to the Municipalities that can intervene with specific ordinances.

Coypu hunting - how to get rid of coypu

Municipalities can start real hunts for nutria. The local administrations, by means of ordinances, will be able to involve the qualified hunters of the Provinces, the Civil Protection personnel and the surveillance of the hydrographic network.

Farmers will be able to intervene with the "nutria hunt" only by limiting themselves to the action in their own agricultural fund.

Containment plans can be implemented with the use of cages-traps, baits and shots, through the legal instrument constituted by the ordinances. In agricultural land, it is possibleeliminate nutriawith special baits or traps, you just need to buy cages that are quite capacious but also much more containment as - if the spring is not solid enough - the nutria manage to escape. Here is an example of a professional trap, which bait to use? Otters are greedy for sugar beets but also for soy, vegetables and cereals such as rice, wheat and corn.

Eliminate the nutria? Ethical-environmental debate

The sad story of otters in Italy
You know how thenutrie in Italy? Therenutria, originally, it was not part of our local wildlife, it is a species coming from South America and bred by us to exploit its leather in the textile field.

Following the lack of commercial success of its fur, some specimens have been imprudently released into the environment by breeders. Over the course of a few years, the population of this mammal has reached high numbers with harmful consequences for the environment and the agricultural sector.

With the updating of Law no. 157/92 thenutriabecomes a doubly tortured animal: first brought to Italy for the textile industry and then detested by the agricultural sector and by those who care about protecting the environment. Therenutria, in Italy, having no natural predator, it has begun to destroy various ecological niches, jeopardizing the protection of plant species and other animalscompetitors.

With our article "How to eliminate nutria " We certainly do not want to express ourselves in favor of the killing of this mammal, we limit ourselves to informing readers about the updating of the law that up to now has protected the nutria while from now on it aims to protect the agricultural harvest, the margins of rivers and ecological niches at risk.

The questionnutrie in Italyit is located between the anvil and the hammer;
on the one hand there are farmers and environmentalists concerned about the balance of our natural habitats and on the other hand there are animal rights activists who are angry at the mistakes made first by farmers and then by the various bodies that have not been ready enough for action to prevent the imminent damage. Unfortunately, any solution has unpleasant consequences.

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