Ford Mondeo Hybrid, output and price

Ford Mondeo Hybrid, output and price

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The newMondeo Hybridwas made on the basis of technology Ford hybrid third generation: features software-controlled batteries and continuous variable transmission. ThereMondeo Hybridentered the production phase and theExiton the Italian market is close: it will be marketed in the first half of 2015.

After the release of the Ford Focus Hybrid, Ford focuses on the hybrid version of theMondeoand it does so by equipping it with a 2.0 Atkinson cycle petrol engine and 2 electric motors capable of guaranteeing emissions of 99 g / km of CO2.

The two electric motors have different tasks: one is propulsive and transfers power to the wheels, the other acts as an electric generator and is used to recharge the 1.4 kWh lithium-ion batteries.


Ford Mondeo Hybrid - Consumption

The combination of electric and petrol engine enables the Ford Mondeo Hybrid of
reach a power of 187 horsepower, with an efficiency of 4.2 l / km. In mode
exclusively electric, the Mondeo Hybrid reaches a top speed of 135 km / h. There Mondeo Hybridit is offered exclusively in the 4-door version.

ThereFordstarted production of theMondeo hybridjust during last November 2014. LaMondeo Hybirdwas presented as the first hybrid car produced and sold by Ford in Europe, in fact the entire assembly process takes place at the Ford plant in Valencia, Spain. The Mondeo 4-door petrol models, on the other hand, are produced at the Ford plant in St. Petersburg, Russia, where the Mondeo will be marketed in 2015.


Roelant de Waard, vice president of marketing and director of Sales and Services at Ford of Europe, said the newFord Mondeo hybridit will be able to satisfy both motorists in search of efficient engines and those who love the performance of traditional petrol engines.

Ford Mondeo Hybird Price

A has not yet been formalizedprice listbut the premises are good: theFord Mondeo Hybridshould have apricecomparable to that already proposed for theMondeo diesel. The American manufacturer assures that ipriceswill be competitive, for now, onpriceindicative for the Italian market amounts to 32,500 euros.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid and technological goodies
Ford's intelligent system helps improve the driver's skills. On the one hand, through the interface "Smart Gauge"It is possible to monitor the charge of the battery pack, check the operation of the energy recovery system during braking and improve consumption through economical driving, these and many other perspectives offered by the Smart Gauge that together with the Brake Coach function can make travel even more efficient.


Thanks to the "Brake Coach"The driver will be" assisted "and" invited "to make lighter and more progressive braking so as to make the most of energy recovery during the deceleration and stopping phases.

A brochure or official technical data sheet is not yet available so we cannot provide data on the range of the hybrid Mondeo in electric-only mode.

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