How to take ginger

The ginger it is a very popular spice not only in the kitchen for its high beneficial properties on the body; it contains essential oil, gingerin, zingerone, resins and mucilages, which give the spice its medicinal properties.

Since ancient times, ginger was used in medicine and even today, after specific laboratory tests, the effects and benefits it brings to the body have been scientifically verified: we have already extolled its health benefits in the article "Ginger: properties".

In recent years, the use of this extraordinary root has been growing more and more; in fact there are liqueurs, beers and thirst-quenching drinks based on ginger but its use is also found in the production of jams and candied fruit, in biscuits, focaccia and crackers, in syrups, in tea. Let's see in detail how to take ginger by giving you some useful information.

How to take ginger: fresh or powdered?
In the kitchen it ginger it is used to flavor soups, fish, vegetables, desserts, bread and the like.
You can use the root fresh or in powder form; you can grind it fresh then store it in an airtight glass jar in a dry, cool and dark place; ground will not lose its aroma over time. Powdered ginger is also effective albeit with a less pungent flavor. Personally, I use it fresh as a sauce on spaghetti: I heat the grated ginger with a small clove of garlic and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

How to get ginger in your daily diet
According to experts, to take advantage of its slimming properties, simply chew a small piece of fresh ginger root several times a day: 500 mg of powdered ginger root should be enough before each main meal for good results.

How to take ginger, apple and ginger smoothie
We suggest the preparation of this very healthy smoothie that combines the antioxidant properties of apple with the tonic and stimulating properties of ginger. To prepare it, just centrifuge 4 red apples with the peel and 10 centimeters of fresh ginger cut into slices. Pour into a glass, adding a spoonful of honey and two chopped mint leaves.
Variations: instead of honey, you can use maple syrup or pears instead of apples.

Considering that it is a spice that should never be missing in the kitchen, it could be a winning idea to grow it on the terrace. In this regard, we suggest reading "How to grow ginger at home”.

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