Eco-sustainable IT: the ITCare solution

Eco-sustainable IT: the ITCare solution

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L'eco-sustainable information technology was created with the aim of reducing operating costs for hardware and services by saving energy.

The workstations of individual users within companies very often remain switched on throughout the working day, despite frequent absences for lunch breaks, meetings, conference calls, coffee breaks or periods of a few hours spent outside the company to visit suppliers and customers or for other activities.

Not to mention the habit of many employees of leaving the computer on even when they go home to find it ready with the log in screen the next day.

These habits lead to energy consumption from 4 to 6 times higher than what is really necessary, with significant implications in terms of business costs and costs associated with IT systems. Considering the average cost of energy in Italy, this results in a waste that can reach 150 euros per year for each station to which the costs related to a higher rate of obsolescence of the PCs are added which, remaining on continuously, risk to see the life cycle reduced.

With specific programs for the management ofeco-sustainable information technology, on a single PC, it is possible to save on average, over the course of a year, 150 KW with a reduction of 90 Kg of CO2 emitted.

One of the leading products in the sector, approved by Energy Star and winner of several awards in the GreenIT sector, is Verismic Power Manager (VPM), distributed exclusively for Italy by ITCare.

VPM, with its client-server structure, allows centralized management of all enterprise-class Power Management needs and allows you to cut up to 60% of the energy costs of the installed hardware, "paying for itself within the first 12 months" .

It is also possible to implement it on individual offices or users, with all the exceptions of the case, such as the application of special policies in case of use of particular applications or forcing the software to save the work before the shutdown of the PC.

Also very useful is the availability of a visual console with fully configurable reporting that allows you to reduce the effort on the service administrators.

Some screenshots of the ITCare software console

The adoption of eco-sustainable information technology, through the use of solutions such as the one proposed by ITCare, as well as being convenient for cost savings, is now an ethical duty considering that over 2% of CO2 emitted in the world comes from from the consumption of the computer and telecommunications industry!

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