How to read the traditional Enel meter

To communicate the reading to Enel you need to know read the counter so as to proceed with a rational collection of data. To understandhow to read the Enel meterit can also be useful if you share the device with other roommates.

So far we have only explained how to read the meterelectronic Enel,that is, the recently distributed white color. In this article we will seehow to read the traditional Enel meter, to be clear, the black and gray one, and more dated.

The presence of the old Enel meter it is indicated in the bill, under the heading "Supply Data". Once upon a time the old counter was associated with the Single-hour rate. Among the specifications of the supply data, under the heading “Type of meter”, you will read the wordingTraditional counter (T).

How to read the traditional Enel meter

The old Enel meter it is very simple to interpret: the figures to be communicated for reading are those that appear on the transparent display; unlike the electronic counter, with the old Enel meter you don't have to press any buttons.

  • Read the figures that appear, just as shown in the photo above.
  • Mark the numbers on a sheet of paper and you are now ready to communicate the reading!
  • Only the digits preceding the comma are communicated; should there be a comma, the figure is rounded.
  • To communicate theEnel readingit will be necessary to have thecustomer number, a code consisting of 9 digits, present at the top right of the Enel Energie bill, together with the othersSupply Data.

How to communicate reading

Electricity bills are issued every two months and it is possible to communicate the meter reading 10 days before the end of each two-month period. It is possible to communicate the reading to Enel with online telematic services, via text message or with the classic telephone call to the toll-free number.

• Via internt
It will be necessary to register on the portal and then access the Reserved Area of ​​the website; in the left column menu, select the item "report reading". Enter the customer code and the kWh detected.
• On the telephone
Just call the toll-free number 800.900.860, active 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and follow the instructions given in the guide.
• Via sms
By sending a text message (the cost of each text message is that provided for by your tariff plan) to the number 320.2043860, typing the word READ, followed by the Customer Number and the meter reading.

Which of your appliances consumes the most?

If you were wondering how to read the enel meter to trace the real-time consumption of an electrical appliance, know that the enel meter is not the only way. A more reliable way to know the actual consumption of a device is to use a wattmeter, a device that can be bought in shopping malls for 20-30 euros.

On Amazon, an efficient Power Consumption Meter is offered at a price of € 15.13 with free shipping. With this device it is possible to measure the electrical consumption of a single household appliance or of several devices connected to the Meter with a multi-socket.

The use is simple: just hook the appliance to this appliance and then fix it to the classic household electrical socket: on the device display will be identified electrical consumption in watts and an approximate conversion to economic consumption with the actual price of the electricity required by that appliance. device.

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