Topinambur, a new superfood

The Jerusalem artichoke it is a vegetable with extraordinary beneficial properties, it has a shape similar to the potato and a taste reminiscent of the artichoke. It is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Compositae family and is characterized by great resistance and productivity. This fruit with a reddish skin and white pulp has two varieties: the early white that we find commercially available from the end of August and the burgundy that we find on the market from October to early spring.

Jerusalem artichoke, health properties
According to experts, Jerusalem artichoke would be very effective in weight loss: it contains inulin, which is a nutritional molecule with excellent slimming and purifying properties.
It would also have the property of lowering the level of absorption by the intestine of sugars and cholesterol; for this reason it is very suitable for diabetics who are not so subject to sudden changes in blood sugar after meals.
Inulin, in addition to the properties already mentioned, promotes digestion, reduces the formation of gas in the intestine and rebalances the intestinal flora.
According to a study, its intake in pregnant women would stimulate milk production.

Jerusalem artichoke, use in the kitchen
Jerusalem artichoke can be eaten raw in salads, cut into slices and seasoned with oil, lemon, salt and parsley; if eaten cooked, it must first be deprived of the thin skin from which it is covered. Finally, it can also be fried, in the same way as potatoes, or pureed.
Unlike potatoes, it does not contain starch: when digested it does not produce glucose and therefore can be eaten by people with diabetes. It does not contain gluten therefore it is a food suitable for those suffering from celiac disease

Jerusalem artichoke, where to buy it
Fresh Jerusalem artichoke is available at the most well-stocked fruit and vegetable retailers. Jerusalem artichoke flour, on the other hand, can be purchased at health food stores and grocery stores that sell natural or macrobiotic products.
It keeps well in the refrigerator in paper bags or in dark and cool places.

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