Succulents with flowers: varieties and tips

Succulents with flowers: varieties and tips

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Succulents with flowers: there are numerousfat plantssmall or medium-sized, which give, even in confined spaces, abundant and colorful blooms. Three lesucculents with flowersmost popular square themammillaries, easy to grow and with colorful blooms.

Of these succulents with flowers there are over 200 species of different origins. In the wild they are found mainly in Mexico, Venezuela and Peru, the southern United States and Canada. Thesesucculents with flowers, in Italy, they cancultivate outdoors all year round but only in places with a mild climate, those who live in the north must take care to protect the plant from the cold.

Succulents with flowers: sunny or partial shade?

The more densely spiny species such as for example Mammillaria plumosa and Mammillaria perezdelarosae, appreciate positions in full sun. On the contrary, species with sparser spines and greener epidermis, such as Mammillaria rhodantha, like partial shade positions.

Care for succulents with flowers

Caring for succulents with flowers is not difficult at all. During the winter thefat plantsthey must be kept completely dry indoors (in the north and in the center) or outdoors (in mild climatic regions) but protected from rain in the latter case. The lowest temperatures they can withstandfat plantsmust be between 5 and 10 ° C.


Succulents with cold-resistant flowers

Who seekscold-resistant succulentscapable of giving splendidflowers, can focus on species such as:

  • Mammillaria bocasana
  • Mammilaria candida (better known as Rubiona)
  • Mammillaria geminispina

Thesefat plantsjust listed can resist even if exposed, for short periods, to temperatures of -6 -7 ° C.

Thesucculents with flowersthatthey bloomin late autumn or winter, like Mammillaria plumosa, they must be kept at a milder temperature, around 8-10 ° C, and moderately irrigated in order to keep the soil slightly moist.

The mammillaries have small-medium size, they are usually from 2 to 10-12 cm in diameter for a maximum height of about 70 cm, which they reach only after several years of life. Thesesucculents with flowerthey are slow growing, therefore they can be grown in large numbers even in a small garden that develops within the walls of the house, even in the smallest space of a windowsill facing south.

Succulents with flowers: cultivation

The terrain
Thesesucculents with flowersthey prefer well permeable soils, rich in minerals and nutrients. On the market there are specific soils for succulents but those who wish can prepare one independently by mixing the earth of the garden with coarse river sand and perlite in equal parts.

During the growing season, which for most species runs from March to September, it will be necessary to irrigate only when the soil is completely dry. Thesucculents with flowerswhich appear with very dense thorns, should be irrigated more sparingly. All thesucculents with flowers (except for the two species mentioned above), they must be kept completely dry in winter.

During the vegetative period (from March to September), the mammillaries should be fertilized approximately every three weeks. It is possible to use a powder product with a low nitrogen content to dissolve in irrigation water.

5 succulents with spectacular flowers

Among the succulents with flowers we recommend these 5, in our opinion among the most beautiful.

A guzmania with its central red flower

1. Guzmania

It has a very "spectacular" red flower and also has the advantage of improving air quality. It can be placed in a poorly ventilated area of ​​your apartment and away from the sun's rays. It is important to water it with extreme moderation.

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Gymnocalycium seedlings of three different colors

2. Gymnocalycium

The gymnocalycium is a succulent plant that can have small dimensions and is therefore perfect even for small spaces.

It produces a single flower that can have different colors, like those in the photo above.

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“Living stones” - Lithops

3. Lithops dorotheae

Lithops dorotheae plants are also called "living stones" because they look like stones that split halfway to produce a yellow flower.

They grow well indoors and bloom throughout the year.

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An adenium obesum plant with its spectacular pink flowers

4. Adenium obesum

Adenium obesum is also called "Madagascar oleander" or "desert rose". It is a succulent plant of tropical origin that produces spectacular pink flowers up to five centimeters in size.

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Lampranthus maximiliana flowers

5. Lampranthus Maximiliana

Lampranthus Maximiliana is a plant native to South Africa belonging to the Aizoaceae family.

It produces flowers of different colors and in particular fuchsia or orange.

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