How biodiesel is produced from frying oil

With the'frying oilit is possible to power the car by proceeding in three ways:filter theexhausted oil and insert it directly into the car's tank, filter theexhausted oil,mix it with diesel or other solvents and use it to refuel, or transform it to producebiodiesel.

Even if the first two methods described (remove impurities fromoil and use it to fill the tank with or without solvents / virgin diesel) seem the simplest, they are the least safe and would require the use of tetrafuel or flex fuel engines such as those produced by Fiat for the Swiss and Brazilian market. The third and last alternative mentioned involves the transformation ofexhausted oilinbiofuel. Thebiodieselproduced starting fromfrying oilit does not require any modification to the engine but requires a more complex transformation process.

The process that transforms oil into biodiesel and the transesterification. The “waste” products of this chemical reaction are represented by glycerin and liquid soap.

Looking at the classicdiesel fuelit will be noted that this has a different viscosity fromkitchen oil. Diesel fuel is much less viscous because its chemical structure lacks the "triglycerides " components that characterize thekitchen oil. To work, the car's engines take advantage of the viscosity of thediesel,thus, in the transformation ofexhausted oilinbiodieselit will be necessary to make thefried oilless viscous, just like thediesel fuel.

For this purpose, the transformation ofexhausted oilinbiodieselbegins with the use of a catalyst, or a chemical agent capable of breaking the bonds between glycerol and the three fatty acids (the most common, in this case, is potassium hydroxide), the classic bond of "triglycerides "is broken in favor of the introduction of methanol which creates the methyl ester, the leading compound ofbiofuel. Methanol can be replaced by ethyl alcohol (ethanol). Obviously, before proceeding with the actual transformation, it will be necessary to purify theexhausted oil.

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