Bridgestone bicycles

TheBridgestone bicyclescan count on a skilful production that has many years of experience behind them: it was born with a small factory in Japan, in 1931 and already in the 1980s it has a division in the United States, here the production ofbicyclesit was curated by Grant Petersen, a brilliantly talented designer.

Before being a designer, Petersen was a cyclasthardcore.The history of thebicyclelicense plateBridgestonesees a major evolution: in 1985, in the catalog ofBridgestonededicated to the world of two-wheeled pedals, models offoldable bike hyper-compact.

In recent times, theBridgestone bicyclesthey continued to make people talk about themselves and did so with electric-powered models that quickly spread throughout the company's motherland, the Land of the Rising Sun. It is about theelectric bicyclesdedicated to the transport of children.

ThereBridgestone pedal assisted bicycle it was equipped with two child seats, one front and one rear. The seats allow you to safely transport two children: the seats are equipped with head supports that support small passengers and adjustable footrests.


The cost of the e-bike for mothers is 141,800 Yen, equal to about 1,800 dollars (1,380 euros). Given the success of hiselectric bicyclefor mothers, theBridgestonehas launched a line of child seats forbicycles. These are high chairs that can be attached to almost any type ofbike, both pedal assisted and mechanical traction.

For those who travel to the city, thebooster seat it is certainly more practical and comfortable but fitter mothers can choose an ad hoc trailer, approved for transporting children. Among the child transport seats we point out Kangaroo Carrier, certified in the United States as the safest in their category, they are also famous in our continent and are easily found in Italy.


Video: Bridgestone Bicycle Build Project: 1988 CB-2 City Bike (January 2022).