How to grow an avocado at home

It is possible and also easy to enrich the collection of your houseplants with something new by using seeds of peaches, dates, citrus fruits and even avocado. You can proceed in any season because the processing takes place at home and there is no need to have large open spaces. To get and cultivate a beautiful plant of homemade avocado you can proceed as follows.

Growing an avocado at home. Insert three toothpicks into the tender part of the seed of avocado, taking care that they are inserted for about one third of their overall length; this operation serves to favor the exit of the roots, as well as to give support to the seed when we place it where you will see. Attention: the toothpicks must form angles of 120 ° with the seed.

Take a glass jar, fill it with water and use the three toothpicks to place the seed of avocado making sure that the water is about a couple of centimeters away from the seed. After about 6-8 weeks, white and fleshy roots will appear at the base of the seed.

At this point, remove the toothpicks from the pots avocado seed, at a depth of 6-8 cm, in a container full of organic soil; therefore expose it in a bright, warm and humid place. After a short time you will see a single stem appear from which large dark green, elongated and oval leaves branch off. Now begins the cultivation real.

There avocado plant it develops very rapidly and must be repotted every year. When the plant is at least 20-25 centimeters tall, cut off the tip to encourage the growth of other branches. With a little care, not excessive, and repotting every year in new soil you can growing an avocado plant indoors which will also become fairly large.

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