Maple syrup, properties

The Maple syrup it is a natural sweetener with a low calorie content, about 250 for every hectogram of product: a 10-gram teaspoon provides 26 calories, against 39 for the same amount of sucrose. The Maple syrup it is obtained by boiling the sap of the sugar maple (Acer saccharum). It can be used instead of sugar in milk, coffee, tea and herbal teas. But it can also be used to glaze meat and fish.

Besides making the drinks in which it is added sweet, it isacer syrupo it has a diuretic, antistypsis and slimming action thanks to the presence of molecules such as sucrose, malic acid, potassium, calcium, iron and some important vitamins. Numerous studies have shown that extracts ofMaple syrup possess an antioxidant, antimutagenic, antiproliferative and anticarcinogenic effect.

The benefits that this syrup brings don't stop there, it does Maple syrup it also prevents cancer, infections and diabetes. The juice alone does not contain a high amount of healthy elements, but they are formed when theMaple tree it is incised to take the lymph, in short, the tree puts in place a sort of defense mechanism, causing the secretion of these phenolytic compounds, capable of fighting diabetes, infections and cancer.

The Maple syrup it is also suitable for those who are 2-3 kilos overweight as it acts on fat and abdominal swelling. It is therefore an ally to eliminate bacon and reduce the waistline and for those with cellulite.

Maple syrup, purifying recipe
Here is a purifying recipe to do just one day a week:
take only 3 to 5 glasses of smoothies per day prepared with seasonal fruit, lemon juice, water and maple syrup to the extent of 3 teaspoons per glass.

At this point we can deduce that what is sweet is not always bad or too high in calories, in this case it is even possible to prevent diabetes and keep fit, as well as having positive effects on the body.

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