Garden on the balcony, the sowing period

L'vegetable garden on the balcony it is a trend that has been spreading a lot in recent times. Having tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines on hand without having to go to the greengrocer has several advantages. First of all, you have the opportunity to know what you are eating ... and it's not cheap! Another important thing is the resulting economic savings…. and it is not to be underestimated, given the crisis. L’Vegetable garden on the balcony it does not necessarily require a lot of space, there are solutions such as a vegetable garden in a bottle, vertically to transform your balcony into a splendid one organic garden.

Vegetable garden on the balcony, what to sow
First, it is good to start with plants that do not require much attention, among these we find:

  • The basil. The sowing period is March April to have the harvest in August and September. It loves mild temperatures and does not need a lot of water.
  • Parsley. The sowing period is from March to July and the first harvests begin in May until December. It prefers a mild climate and there is no need to water too much. The diseases that parsley fears the most are: mold, rust and downy mildew.
  • The carrot. The sowing period is February and March and the harvests begin in July. Carrot suitable for temperate climates, for this reason, it is easily cultivated in all areas of Italy.
  • The lettuce. The sowing period starts in February until August. The harvesting period runs from February to September. Lettuce grows quietly in a cold-humid climate, so much so that in a hot-dry environment, the plant tends to go to seed. It is advisable to put ash around the newly transplanted seedlings, to protect them from the citrus and snails.
  • Rosemary. Rosemary can be sown in February and March in order to enjoy the first harvests from July. It is a plant that adapts to areas with a mild climate but can also be grown in northern regions, as long as it is well sheltered from the elements. Rosemary is a plant with a thousand therapeutic virtues, therefore it should never be missing from the balcony garden.
  • Tomato. The period for planting tomato seedlings on the ground is in March, when there is no longer any danger of frost. For the plant, make sure that the soil pH levels are from 5.5 to 6.8, that there is plenty of organic fertilizer or compost and that the planting takes place in large and deep pots, considering that the plant will have to grow.

Video: Harvesting and planting veggies . Balcony garden. Dimapur Nagaland (January 2022).