Saving in lighting

Saving in lighting

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Did you know that simply replacing the old light bulbs incandescent with systems of lighting more efficient (for example CFL compact fluorescent lamps) is possible save immediately 75-80% of electric energy? And all without sacrificing comfort and quality oflighting. Let's talk about savings energy through efficiency, in this case oflighting.

A tangible energy saving inlighting it is possible in a residential setting, starting with condominiums, but thelighting it is an even more important item in the energy bills of companies, offices and shops, where it can come to represent a significant item of the balance sheet.

With the adoption of consolidated and latest generation technologies (such aslighting to LED) the most disparate needs can be satisfied simultaneously save. The important thing is that the starting point is an accurate design lighting technology, able to optimize the light sources from a quantitative and qualitative point of view.

If we talk about lighting public, it is necessary for each municipality to promote interventions aimed at reduction of waste and the achievement of the quality standards required by the regulations. Please note that thelighting road represents on average 15-25% of the energy costs of a municipality. The savings obtainable is therefore high.

For a correct design of a lighting public, first of all it is really necessary to evaluate if and where thelighting it is really necessary or to adopt practical measures, such as varying the height of the point light.

Also inlighting public as in homes and offices, it is possible to replace traditional lamps with high-performance lamps, thus realizing savings ranging from 40 to 50% of the cost. It is very useful, indeed essential, to establish correct times of switching on, switching off or reducing thelighting, which allows for further savings.

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