Electric vehicles of tomorrow

Electric vehicles of tomorrow

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Tender project: electric quadricycle that can be driven standing up, designed for indoor use

THE electric vehicles of tomorrow are designed for pervasive mobility, from private users to public services, and to be gods sustainable vehicles from all points of view, not just the environmental one.

It is the case of Halfa project, a electric quadricycle which can be driven by disabled people in a wheelchair. The vehicle is equipped with an up and down ramp at the rear that allows the driver to be autonomous in daily travel and use of the vehicle.

The idea of ​​the Halfa Project comes from four students of the Design & Engineering course at the Polytechnic of Milan - Matteo Francesco Agati, Ghasemi Mahdi, Filippo Testa and Riccardo Valli - and was awarded by Ducati Energia (manufacturer of the electric vehicle Free Duck, starting point of the projects) at the 'Energy, Design and Creativity' event organized by the Milan Polytechnic Foundation.

Two others were also awarded by the Politecnico electric vehicles candidates to become i sustainable vehicles of tomorrow. What do the three means have in common? They respect the environment, are innovative on a functional level and are also beautiful to look at. Design is a value.

Also Tender project it's a electric vehicle, but designed for indoor use such as exhibition halls and airports. It is suitable for short distances, moves fast and can guarantee the mobility of more people. The special thing is that the driver drives standing, to see better and to make room for the passengers.

The authors of Progetto Tender are Sacha Gelosa, Filippo Palumbo and Davide Zadra. The commitment of the designers went above all in the direction of creating a electric vehicle suitable for indoor needs, also from an aesthetic point of view as well as from a functional one, with particular attention to dimensions, frame and suspensions.

The third idea is Fly project. In this case it is a electric quadricycle for private use. Small, versatile, fast enough, it aims at dynamic users, young but not limited to, who want to move easily around the city. The combination of different materials is interesting, in particular the canvas used to make the bagaliaio which makes the vehicle lighter and 'simplifies' it.

Federico Bressan, Daniele De Angelis and Matteo De Paoli were inspired by camping tents to give a completely new shape to their Fly Project. A modern campsite on the city streets. Interesting.

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