Winter garden plants

Forwinter plantswe mean those that stand out in the cold season, not that withstand cold temperatures. Who said that the garden is only beautiful in spring? In fact, even winter can be the setting for beautiful blooms and colors to frame. Indeed, this is the right season to fully appreciate what in summer takes a back seat.

The shades of the bark, the colors of the foliage in conifers and evergreen broad-leaved trees, the natural bearing of bare trees, the berries, the regulated hedges and shrubs that make Christmas: in the glance that the winter plants there are wonders on which it is worth spending a few lines. So let's do it.

Queen of winter cries is theholly (Ilex aquifolium), which with its red berries on the dark green of the leaves reminds us of Christmas. The common idea we have of the holly (which is not the butcher's broom, Ruscus aculeatus) is related to prickly leaves, but is not entirely correct.

There are over 400 species of holly among shrubs and trees, some with deciduous leaves, which largely derive fromIlex aquifolium. And of the latter there is also a non-thorny variety, theIlex aquifolium J. C. Van Toll,if thorns are a problem. Even the red of the berries is not a foregone conclusion: there is a holly with yellow berries, the Bacciflava, others with orange berries and still others with white or yellow streaked leaves.

There are not a few plants that bloom in winter and plants that resist the cold (think of the viburnums that bloom even with snow), but speaking of winter plants garden deserves a mention Prunus subhirtella autumnalis, a rustic Japanese tree that blooms with pinkish-white flowers at the beginning of winter.

If we refer to the barks, one of the most striking among the winter plants is that of Prunus serrula, shiny and scarlet. Particular is theAcer griseum, characterized by the bark that peels off in the winter season. But there are also birches, maples, willows and i Cornus among the shrubs, the latter among the shrubs, to compensate the eyes for when the leaves have all fallen off.

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