Shopping at home and online shopping

There shopping at home it certainly has its advantages but it cannot always be considered ecological… unless the deliveries are made by bicycle and the shopping comes from a social cooperative, the system has several environmental flaws.

It has been estimated that an average lunch covers about 1,900 km before reaching our tables. With theshopping at homewhere to add also the km traveled empty by the courier during the return journey. Despite these environmental flaws, that of theshopping at homeit is a phenomenon that is becoming widespread. The hectic life grants less and less time and the possibility of being delivered toshopping at homeseems to be greedy for a large number of consumers.

Home shopping with small distribution

There are several small farms that offer the zero-mile shopping at home, to the closest customers. Before asking yourself about theshopping at homeby simply, coop, conad, carrefour, esselunga…. inquire about solidarity buying groups, small agricultural realities scattered throughout your area and then make your choices.

The advantages of a zero kilometer shopping have been listed in the dedicated article "zero km shopping, where and why to do it ". On this page we have reported a useful service for those looking forhome shopping in Milan, Genoa and Turin. This is the zero-kilometer shopping proposed with home delivery in certain areas of Turin, Genoa and Milan, useful for those who want to eat organic and live in the area. Who is on the hunt forshopping at home Romecan count on Roma Biologica and select organic companies that offer home delivery in their area of ​​residence. As for the big brands, here's how the shopping at home.

Home shopping with large retailers

With the large distribution chain, the expense is the same as always, only the empty routes traveled by couriers must be added to the environmental account, which, unfortunately, only rarely use electric vehicles or pedal rickshaws. Despite the environmental flaws, it must be said that theshopping at homeit is useful for those who do not have a car and would not know how to carry large quantities of shopping.

Carrefour home shopping

The service is calledClick & Collectand allows you to shop online and collect it in the store on the way (without stopping at the cashier) or to choose home delivery. The shopping is delivered to your home 3 hours after the order with free delivery for orders over 70 euros. The Carrefour courier closest to your home will deliver the shopping to you.

Esselunga home shopping

Esselunga offers home shopping at an additional cost of 6.20 for 5 baskets. Seniors can count on the promo price of € 3.10 while the service is free for the disabled. From Monday to Friday, delivery takes place within the day but apparently it is not possible to book online shopping as required for Carrefour and other services described here. To do theshopping at homeEsselunga will need to book delivery to the Fidaty Point.

Simply shopping at home

Also in this case the online shopping as seen with Carrefour. Simpy home shopping is done like this: after shopping, at the cashier, you pack the food and inform the cashier of your intention to have it delivered to your home. Those who live within 3 km of the Simply supermarket will pay € 5.90 for 4 baskets (equal to 8 shopping bags), alternatively 6 shopping bags and 3 beverage packages (cases of water, tea ...). As seen for Esselunga, the service is free for the disabled and discounted for the elderly. Those who live more than 3 km away from the Simply supermarket will have to add € 0.50 for each extra km.

Shopping at home Coop

As with Carrefour, Coop also allows you to shopping online with home delivery but this time the times are longer because the Coop does not have its own delivery service but relies on Corriere Bartolini. Alternatively, you can do the online shopping and collect it at the nearest Coop store without queuing at the cash desk.

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