Dog oral hygiene

Dog oral hygiene

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Dog oral hygiene, important, never predictable and not even an impossible mission. Whether it is the breath, whether they are healthy teeth, theoral hygiene of the dog it is very linked to the quality of life, of the dog and ours, so it is worth noting. Therefore, in addition to washing your animals with the special super delicate and effective shampoos, as well as a grooming especially to make themselves beautiful in the summer months, we also take care to ensure them a proper oral hygiene.

It therefore fights on all fronts, which are then four: the use of the toothbrush, the use of specific enzymatic pastes, the use of products that promote healthy chewing gymnastics in animals, which are snacks for dog oral hygiene, and an adequate diet.

If we ask ourselves why theoral hygiene of the dog the dog does not take care of it himself, since it has not always been a pet, it must be said in his defense that in the apartment he does not have access to those plants or natural substances that could once lend a hand and protect him from caries and bacteria from the oral cavity. So, keeping them at home, by our side, it is our business to look after them oral hygiene.

After all, prevention is better than cure, and a dog with the dirty mouth and oral cavityand poorly maintained has a lot of problems. Painful to solve, annoying for him, annoying for us who care for him and expensive for our finances.

Dog oral hygiene: food and snacks

The fact that dogs instinctively provide by chewing very hard objects such as bones and cartilage can make us understand that it is a useful practice and that we can use to keep theoral hygiene of the dog. The more they chew, in fact, the more their teeth and mouth work and remain clean, the gums also benefit, they stay healthier.

It must be said that real bones, at least the most friable ones, can be dangerous because they can splinter and be swallowed, snacks come to our aid on purpose, designed specifically fororal hygiene of the dog. It is better to get our pet used to using them from an early age, so he takes it as a habit and even as an adult he doesn't make a fuss.

Also for the choice of food it is important tooral hygiene of the dog and if we give them mainly croquettes they will favor the cleaning of the teeth or certainly they will not damage them. For cavities, above all, when we study thefeeding our dog, even together with the veterinarian, it is better to avoid foods with a high amount of sugars, instead prefer hard foods and dry feeds that allow a healthy chewing gymnastics.

Dog oral hygiene: the toothbrush

There are genuine toothbrushes and toothpaste for dogs and they are the ones to choose to look after them oral hygiene, considering starting as soon as possible so that brushing your teeth becomes a habit, almost a game.

There are also healthy and natural deodorants for the breath, the important thing is not to use products suitable for humans: they can be very harmful. Always looking at products for animals, you can increase your dog's oral hygiene with those anti-tartar that I fight against, also partially eliminating plaque.

Dog oral hygiene: disorders when missing

When the dog's oral cleaning fails, we have seen how the most frequent problems are tartar, plaque and bad breath. But that's not all. There is a number of mouth diseases including gingivitis and periodontitis that develop when the normal defense mechanisms of the mouth - saliva, movement of the tongue and lips, absence of wounds, oral hygiene of the dog - there are not.

Gingivitis, which appear to be the least serious, in truth if neglected can also cause liver and heart problems. The "standard" gingivitis for lack of oral hygiene of the dog it manifests itself with a reddened appearance of the gums themselves, a not deep but bleeding gingival furrow, absence of plaque or tartar.

Gingivitis becomes chronic when the gums, as well as being red, bleed as soon as they touch them and also plaque and tartar. Not only that: at this stage we will also hear a problem very well halitosis.

There periodontitis it is even worse and is always linked to the presence of bacteria and the absence of oral hygiene of the dog. When bacteria accumulate on the teeth, the gums become inflamed and the process extends to all the structures of the tooth: here we go from gingivitis to periodontitis.

This is a problem that most of our 4-legged friends suffer from. Almost everyone, but more and more chimeno, depends on the size and the breed, in general small sizes or toys like Yorkshire Toy, Shih-tzu, Maltese, Pekingese, Pugs get sick more. Other factors are also involved such as the composition of saliva, malocclusion, failure to fall out of milk teeth, breathing and chronic inflammation of the mouth related tooral hygiene of the dog.

Diet, type of nutrition and age also contribute. There periodontitis affects 80% of dogs over three years of age and can cause digestive disorders, because the food is not chewed well, and even the fracture of the jaw.

There periodontitis it is considered moderate when severe inflammation of the gums is noted and the deep gingival sulcus and the plaque under the sulcus. In this case the teeth move and the gum bleeds as soon as it is touched, Periodontitis becomes severe when plaque and tartar are both above and below the gum, the teeth move and the bleeding it is remarkable.

In any case it is necessary to intervene promptly and never do it yourself. There are therapies with targeted antibiotics which are only prophylaxis in view of a dental extraction. The solution is a smoothing of the layers of accumulated plaque, on the root or sulcular surface of the gum. The realizes it veterinary.

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